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You may wonder how or why we chose the names for each candle… Turns out there is a direct link between the name and the scents. Let’s start with Australia!

Australia is located on the far south of our globe, sitting between the great Indian and Pacific Oceans. When you think about Australia, probably Eucalyptus isn’t the first thing that comes to mind, but instead you instantly think about kangaroos and koalas,  interesting and touristy places such as the Opera House and the Harbour Bridge in Sydney,  the Great Barrier Reef which is the largest coral reef system in the world, and forests such as the Blue Mountains.

Turns out that the Aussie government estimates 92 million hectares of Eucalyptus forest-type which comprises 75% of the total native forest area in the country. Take the Blue Mountains for example,is a forest region within the state of New South Wales which was recognized as a World Heritage Area by UNESCO back in 2000 due to its wide diversity of eucalypts habitats and vegetation. Only a day trip away from Sydney, the Blue Mountains feature a diverse variety hills, plateaus, plains, canyons, and valleys with extensive landscapes and panoramic views. Different species of Eucalyptus trees dominate the region, making the mountain range look blue! 

But why?! Well, it’s actually those organic chemicals known as terpenoids which when emitted in large quantities create that subtle blue haze. It is those very same oils that contribute to the scent of the eucalypts.

Amazing right?!

Sadly, Eucalyptus oils are highly flammable. Many people think that the bushfires and wildfires over Australia are promoted and exacerbated in great part by these oils. On the bright side, many eucalyptus trees have the ability to regenerate and re-germinate after the fires. In this link you can find a Research published in the Nature Communications Journal about the Eucalyptus and its fire adaptive traits. 

Eucalypts can also be found in the form of an essential oil, which is known to be used in the medical field to naturally treat many common conditions such as nasal congestion and asthma. When diluted it can be applied to the skin as a remedy for arthritis and skin ulcers. And, it can also be used as a tick repellent.  **Important note: always consult your doctor before using any natural remedy or medicines to treat any symptoms or conditions you may have.** 

Let’s talk a bit! I hope you have enjoyed reading through this as much as we enjoyed writing it! Our customers are part of our family and we’d like to hear from YOU! Comment & Share!!!  Do you like the Eucalyptus’ scent? Do you prefer it in candles or essential oils ? How about our Atlas Collection?!

Special thanks to my friend and co-author of this Blog - Fernando Figueroa. Also, all photos of this blog were taken by him. Go follow him on Instagram for other cool traveling photos. 


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